DataSys carefully selects 3rd party solutions from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that add functionality above-and-beyond what’s provided in Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft 365 Business Central. We choose vendors and products with great care so the solutions will meet DataSys’ highest quality standards, whether that's software that works as advertised or vendors who are responsive if there’s a problem.

eOne Solutions:

SmartConnect for GP and Business Central.: create and automate integrations to/from GP and Business Central.

Popdock for GP and Business Central: access and integration data across all of your business applications; advanced filtering, grouping, searching, and graphing. Publish GP data to an Azure data lake, access that data, and combine it with 365 Business Central data. 

SmartList Builder for GP: create GP new SmartLists, including linking SmartLists to external data.

Continia Software:

Document Capture for 365 Business Central: Intelligently capture AP documents, route for approval, digitally archive and search.

Cosmos Data Technologies:

Cloud-based reporting solution for 365 Business Central to include reporting, business intelligence, dashboards, and integration with Power BI.

Binary Stream:

Multi-Entity Management for GP and 365 Business Central: Architect your system to put multiple companies in one database with automated Due To/Due From, single set of master records, and consolidated reporting.


Payment processing solutions for GP and 365 Business Central, receivables automation, customer payment portal to support customer login for viewing and paying invoices.


Remote Payment Services for GP and 365 Business Central:  Outsource your vendor payments, whether check, ACH, wire, or virtual credit card.

Payment Hub for GP:  Route payment batches for approval, print MICR checks, and furnish EFT payments.  Every step saved for audit records.

Electronic Signature for 365 Business Central:  Free module to print digital signatures, including payment approval process.


PaperSave for GP and 365 Business Central: AP Automation and Document Management.

Paramount Workplace for GP and 365 Business Central::  Requisitioning, procurement, time and expense management, with integration to/from GP and Business Central.

Professional Advantage:

Collections Management for GP and 365 Business Central: automate and document collections activities within GP.

Company Data Archive for GP: move GP data from a live company to an archive company.

Strava Technology Group:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for 365 Business Central.

Envision Technology Partners

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DataSys can also recommend solutions for document management, sales tax automation, bar coding, subscription billing, advanced intercompany, and multi-entity management.